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Among multi-layer and few-layer graphene products of Enerage, which one is easier to be proceeded mixing?

Specific surface area (SSA) is an important factor that affects the feasibility of mixing. Among our company’s products, powder with low SSA requires fewer solvent to wet the surface of graphene. Therefore, low SSA powder is easier to be proceeded mixing.

What are the property variations of graphene powder?

The main differences of our graphene powder products are the specific surface area, electrical conductivity, and the amount of functional groups. The attached functional group can be tuned by the demand of clients. Please feel free contacting with us to discuss the detail.

How does Graphage obtain graphene powder?

All the graphene products shown on Graphage web pages are manufactured through Enerage’s unique technologies, and the techniques are under process of patent application.

How to store graphene powder after package is opened?

Graphene powder possesses high surface area, which indicates that it has high water vapor adsorption. It is recommended to store the remained powder in a dry cabinet or vacuum environment to maintain properties of graphene.

Graphene products from agents/dealers are generally expensive. Are the graphene products of Graphage the same way?

Because graphene is a newly developed commercial product, its manufacturing cost at current moment is relatively high. However, graphene group members have been working on pilot producing scale and optimizing the fabrication process. Hence, Graphage is able to offer comparable graphene products, either on quality or price.
Futhermore, Graphage is welcome for any cooperation opportunity with any person/organization who is interested in this field.

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