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2015 International Graphene Innovation Conference

Now in its second year, the 2015’ International Graphene Innovation Conference (GRAPCHINA 2015) is held annually and is an important trade show and academic event for addressing the practical and legislative responses to Graphene Investement and Commercialization risks. Its central theme this time is: “Solutions for commercialization of graphene”. As we know, commercialization of graphene requires a deep knowledge of various industries with strong grasp on how each industry produces the target product. Each product in each industry has its own unique production techniques and as a result graphene integration must adapt to such processes.


GRAPCHINA is the ultimate meeting platform for sharing and exchanging experience. It has become a commercial and academic event that gathers approximately 1000 representatives for all stakeholders involved in this debate, bringing top level speakers and delegates from the upstream and downstream industries, NGOs and academia together with senior policy makers from the EU‘s flagship program and national government. They will continue the discussion on recent developments and researching trends, commercial solutions and latest technologies.


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