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Graphene powders
Enerage has strived to develop graphene manufacture techniques and applications since 2010. The graphene produced is black and fluffy powder with high surface area, and has excellent electrical and thermal properties. The benefits of using small amounts of graphene additive will significantly improve the performance of application products.

Property and specification

Product specifications
Product P-LF20 P-ML20 P-MW10
Oxygen content ≦ 8 wt% < 3 wt% < 3 wt%
Surface area 400 ~ 600 m2/g ~ 25 m2/g > 15 m2/g
Average thickness ~ 3 nm ~ 5 nm > 5 nm
Electrical conductivity ≧ 50 S/cm ≧ 1900 S/cm ≧ 1000 S/cm
Test report

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