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Graphage® is dedicated to research and developing of graphene material and its relevant technologies. We defined us not only a provider or producer but also a best co-operate partner for the fields who are intending to join the graphene applications. Furthermore, we are able to provide high quality graphene product in order to achieve ideal performance of each application. We believe that Graphage® is the best option to assist you joining the area of graphene material science based on our long term research experiences.

Product overview
Graphene powders
Graphene organic suspension
Graphene aqueous suspension
Graphene electrical conductive ink
Graphene heat dissipation paint
Graphene anti-static additive
Graphene thermal grease
Graphene anti-corrosion coating
Product application
Printed electronics / Optical Industry and LED
Thermal solutions in IC and 3C products
Energy storage application
Composite material
Protective coatings
End-user products
Thermal grease


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