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Electrical impedance, electrical conductivity and capacity are the important parameters in supercapacitor. When a capacitor shows low electrical conductivity, the instantaneous charge and discharge ability also decreases. Graphene, as an electrical conductive additive, can solve the problem and improve the capability of supercapacitor. A small addition of graphene into supercapacitor decreases the electrical resistance significantly, and positively affects the charge and discharge performance. Moreover, the flexibility of graphene enables large contact area with other material to form a serial electrical conductive network. On the other hand, graphene can also be a main character to become graphene based supercapacitor.

The main problem of graphene in application of supercapacitor is the dispersibility. However, Graphage can share the experience of supercapacitor improvements by adding well evenly suspended graphene, and also offer assistance of sample testing.

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