How does Graphage obtain graphene powder?

All the graphene products shown on Graphage web pages are manufactured through Enerage’s unique technologies, and the techniques are patent protected or under process of patent application.

How to store graphene powder after package is opened?

Graphene powder possesses high surface area, which indicates that it has high water vapor adsorption. It is recommended to store the remained powder in a dry cabinet or vacuum environment to maintain properties of graphene.

Why the costs of the graphene powder/products on the market range widely?

Graphage has been massively producing graphene powders. Thus, the qualities of the gaphene powder/products can be stabilized. Regarding to the wide range of the graphene cost, the production method and the requirement of the quality are the factors to cause the difference. Graphage has confidence in providing stable quality graphene. Futhermore, Graphage is welcome for any cooperation opportunity with any person/organization who is interested in this field.

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