Can Graphene apply to silver sintering paste?

Graphene has high thermal stability which allows graphene forms with silver particles under high temperature up to 800 ℃.

What is the advantage of using graphene in silver ink?

Not only can graphene replace part of the silver ink (reducing the amount of silver ink used), it can also maintain the conductivity. In addition, due to the high specific surface area of the graphene, the viscosity rheology of the graphene added with silver ink is increased ameliorated. This improves the precision of the printed patterns.

Is the conductivity of graphene able to compete with silver paste?

Because of the high specific surface area of graphene, the loading content of graphene in conductive paste with current technology will be difficult to achieve the level of 70~90 wt% such as silver. Therefore, the conductivity of graphene paste might not be as high as silver paste.

What benefit can graphene attribute to the composite other than mechanical strength?

Besides high mechanical strength, graphene is also an outstanding electrical and thermal conductive material. Therefore, the fiber composite can possess anti-static and thermal properties after the resin used in the fiber composite adopts graphene.

Why can the mechanical strength of carbon fiber composite be increased by adding graphene into it?

Graphene is used to mend the mechanical strength of resin.
The strength of carbon fiber and resin differs largely. Even though, the carbon fiber itself has excellent mechanical performance, the weakest spot usually happens with resin when the composite is under tensile and impact strength test. Therefore, amending the property of resin can help elevate the mechanical strength of the composite.