Graphene and Cycling Safe Control Trend Let's Ride - Enerage Inc.

Cycling is a worldwide phenomenon. Cyclists are no longer being labeled as the speed demon but also depicted as trendsetters for casual cycling that emphasize the style. Graphene can enhance the durability(chassis/gear), safety(helmet), speed, and style, without sacrificing the exuberance of riding. A graphene helmet further absorbs and distributes the force of impact, lessening the impact on the rider’s head. Feel hot during cycling? Graphene is also a great thermal conductor. If the helmet and jersey are coated by a thin layer of graphene, not only will the heat be quickly conducted away from your body, but also the sweat will be evaporated sooner. What if you are still warming up? Graphene absorbs the sunlight and transforms the energy into far-infrared radiation. This in return increases your warmth level. The weight of the bike certainly affects cycling performance in any race. Graphene infused carbon fiber frame allows using less carbon fiber to decrease the overall weight and without sacrificing high mechanical strength. It helps you focus on cycling rather than worrying about bike performance. The tire is also important for cycling performance. Graphene improves the durability of a tire and decreases the risk of punctures, thus increasing the life span dramatically. Additionally, graphene also enhances the gripping power providing game-changing control. Graphene is here to support you with your ride to cater to your unique preference from durability, performance, and style.