Graphene Smart Clothing Subverts Stereotypes Of Exercise - Enerage Inc.

Textile clothing can already be transformed into fashionable items, instead of the basic boring version. Lightness and functionalization are the emerging trends.
Graphene possesses high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and mechanic strength. It can enrich the functions of the smart clothing. This may boost the development of the smart clothing and wearable devices.
During any activity, the graphene fabric will allow the sensor attached on the smart clothing to transmit the persons heart rate pulse to the signal processor.
Graphene sensors can also detect muscle movement to collect the information during any activity. These dynamic information, through the conduction of graphene, display the signal on the smart clothing, or digitally display the motion to the athlete and the coach in a holographic projection. This allows the athletes and coaches to easily analyze and correct themselves.
Smart wearable devices with flexible solar panels are able to supply the electric power when people are hiking or cycling. The generated electric power can be stored in graphene-contained batteries and supercapacitors.
Once the ambient temperature declines, the power can supply the graphene smart warming clothing to properly adjust the temperature.
When the strong ultraviolet or hazardous gas appears in the environment, the graphene wearable device will automatically alert people and tell them to leave the premise at once.